Europejski Kongres Gospodarczy '2015


Topicality and adequacy, but most of all the opening of our debate to a subject matter focused on the future, new development trends, and new ways of thinking about Europe and the European economy in the world – these are identification marks of the European Economic Congress.

This year among the keynotes are: the dynamic investment plan which is to lay the ghost of stagnation in Europe - the dynamic investment plan which is to lay the ghost of stagnation in Europe to rest (the so-called Juncker’s Plan), the issues concerning the practical implementation of the idea of innovation in the European economy, and the dilemmas related to the energy industry, reindustrialisation and climate policy - the areas that remain closely interdependent.

It is impossible to avoid questions about the political future of Europe, which is currently undergoing a crisis of solidarity as a follow-up to the financial crisis, and also suffers from a deficiency of internal cohesion. New expectations concerning the role of the state in the economy have also prompted us to raise the issues of regulations and the free market, as well as competitiveness and protectionism.

In the face of global challenges, our agenda would not be complete without a thematic path we keep broadening each year, namely the one related to investments pursued by European enterprises in distant markets and the cooperation between Europe and the most dynamic economies of the world.

This year, we will pay closer attention to the issues of corporate social responsibility in the context of the situation in the labour market, as well as the situation young Europeans find themselves in. With them in mind, the Congress implements a separate project targeted at young leaders, who are to create our political and economic reality in the near future.

Traditionally, the programme of the Congress also includes debates on problems experienced by particular industries, as well as on infrastructure, finance, regional development and public health.